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Clubs & Organizations

Here at Johnson Elementary, we have the following organizations available to our students:



Jaguars in Motion. This club was started in the Fall of 2014 and works on character and academic goals while training for local running events. Our counselor and teachers volunteer their time to help select young men and women.

Jaguars and Yoga. This club has the same premise of Jaguars in Motion and began in the Spring of 2015.  Young ladies and gentlemen work on character and academic goals while strengthening their core, flexibility, and balance. Ms. Schlichtcroll dedicates their afternoon time, along with other teachers, to work with select young ladies.

FLAG PATROL – this is an honor for a select number of 5th graders.  The duties are properly raising and lowering the three flags that are in front of the school.

SAFETY PATROL – safety is one of the top priorities here at Johnson Elementary.  Our safety patrols act as role models and assist with the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal of all students. Congratulations to this year’s safety’s!