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JES COVID Response Guide 


Johnson Elementary School COVID Guide 

Why?  Ensure in-person learning in a safe, welcoming environment for all students and staff,  focused on teaching and learning while minimizing the risk for disruption within the learning environment
What?  HCPS will make a full return to in-person learning in the fall. The 2021-22 school year begins Wednesday, Sept. 8 and is set to include five days a week of full-length schoHCPS will make a full return to in-person learning in the fall. The 2021-22 school year begins Wednesday, Sept. 8 and is set to include five days a week of full-length school days.ol days.HCPS will make a full return to in-person learning in the fall. The 2021-22 school year begins Wednesday, Sept. 8 and is set to include five days a week of full-length school days.

HCPS will continue to follow the latest health and safety guidance, which will include indoor mask-use and other recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health.

  • BUSES:

Bus ramp is located on the south side of Buildings A and B and just west of the parent car loop.  The bus loop entrance and exit are off of Bethlehem Road.

  • Staff members (Stokes, Abinette, Keeton) will dismiss students bus-by-bus and support 3 foot distancing
  • If students do not have a mask, staff member will issue a mask.
  • Other staff members (Robl, Cooper, Scott, and Perry) will be positioned throughout the campus to ensure a 3 foot distance as students proceed to classrooms
    • Davis will be directing traffic in the parking lot
    • Walker, Fontes, and Shine will be  in the car loop. Each staff member will dismiss the cars one at a time
    • Staff members will instruct students to proceed down the hallway to class
  • Teachers will be standing outside of their classrooms during arrival. 
  • Classroom doors will be propped open but locked, so students do not need to touch the handles.
  • Students should use hand sanitizer when entering the classroom or wash hands 
  • Crates area available to store their backpacks and outerwear as needed 
  • Teachers will use dismissal information to issue colored cardstock to students with student first name and teacher name. 
  • If a teacher does not know how a student will go home, he/she will place the “Transportation Needed” document outside for the administrators to pick up in the morning. 


  • Teachers will call parents to determine how they will be dismissed
  • Students must be at school to be counted present for the day.
  • Signage will be posted to remind students of proper handwashing procedures after bathroom usage.  
  • When students are eating, they will sit in their assigned seat, 3 feet apart, to ensure proper distancing while eating in the classroom without a mask on.  
  • Trash will be placed outside of their classroom for the custodial staff to pick up. 
Bus Dismissal
  • Ensure students are packed and ready to go at dismissal with social distancing. 
  • Staff members will be positioned throughout the campus to ensure a 3 foot distance as students proceed to their designated buses.  
  • Once all students are safely on the bus, the staff member will dismiss the bus.  
  • Bus dismissal will begin with D and trailers, C, B, and A buildings.  (Bus dismissal should take about 10 mins)
  • Teacher partners will share dismissal duties, one teacher will supervise car riders (in class) the other teacher will walk the bus riders from both classes to the bus. 
Car Rider Dismissal 
  • Parents/guardians will pick up students in the car loop with the visible pass.
  • At dismissal, teachers will escort students from A & D buildings to the main hallway. Staff will be monitoring students in the hallways while waiting for dismissal. 
  • Students will call student names over channel 2 on the walkie talkie. 
Classroom Layout
  • Desks will be placed 3 feet apart
  • Plexiglass dividers will be available for student use
  • Soft seating/soft items such as pillows must be removed
  • Cleaning is a shared community responsibility. Everyone will need to participate in cleaning activities throughout the day.
  • Each classroom will have wipes and hand sanitizer.  If you need additional supplies, let Taylor, Freudnt or Stokes know by sending an email. 
  • As the admin team is replacing PPE, they will keep track of the PPE Inventory using the Johnson PPE Inventory sheet.
  • Teachers will need to clean high touch areas with wipes throughout the day. 
  • Teachers establish a handwashing schedule to be completed throughout the day.
  • Students wipe down chairs and desks and wash hands prior to leaving for the day.
  • Custodians will wipe down everything again when they clean rooms in the evening.
Clinic and 

Isolation Room

  • The clinic is used for distribution of medication and non-sick visits.
  • The isolation room is our room behind the stage with a bathroom.  Students with COVID-19 symptoms will enter, with the nurse, from the back of the cafeteria and go directly to the isolation room.  
  • Teachers will use the Walkie to contact the nurse in the event that a student is showing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Nurse will call the clinic back up personnel, on the Walkie, to cover the clinic.
  • The nurse will go to the classroom and retrieve the student and provide the student with a medical mask and escort the student to the isolation room.
  • Nurse will follow care and reporting protocol.
Code of Conduct Considerations
  • Warning for students refusing to not wear a mask, that was not related to a medical concern.  Followed up with a phone call to parent/guardian.
  • Students should wear masks for their intended use. 
Contact Tracing 
  • Guests sign in at the front office and are required to complete the COVID-19 acknowledgement form.  
  • Staff who have accounts in TalentPerform should “sign” the Screening Acknowledgement Form in TalentPerform. This form is newly added to TalentPerform folders.
  • Staff who do not have access to TalentPerform should print and sign page 1 of the form attached to this email and provide the signed form to their immediate supervisor. Use page 2 to conduct the daily self-screening. 
  • A new COVID-19 Health Screening Acknowledgement Form must be signed (via TalentPerform or hard copy as applicable), even if a form was signed last school year.
  • The Acknowledgement form is to be signed only once for the 2021-2022 school year, and not each time an employee reports to an HCPS building.
  • Teachers and the office will maintain an updated seating chart for each classroom.  
  • Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19; has had exposure to anyone with COVID-19; or someone is getting COVID-19 tested will be documented on the Tracing Link by Taylor or Stearns.
  • School counselors  will follow all safety/health mitigation strategies to maintain safe and secure counseling environments for students and themselves School counselors will use a physical barrier(plexiglass)  when meeting with students.
  • School counselors will wash their hands and/or utilize hand sanitizer before and after each counseling service is provided. 
  • School counselings spaces (chairs, desks, tables, touchpoints, etc.) should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses. 
  • School counselors should keep daily calendars to document and record all counseling services and interactions provided (ie. student(s)/teacher(s) name(s), duration of service(s), location of service(s), etc.) for contact tracing purposes. 
Daycare Dismissal
  • Daycare vehicles will still be utilizing the car loop.
  • At dismissal, students from A and D building will be brought to the main hallway. Staff members will be monitoring students until dismissal. 
  • The staff member in the car loop will call the daycare for dismissal. 
Exceptional Education 
  • Communicate with families regarding the plans for any upcoming Exceptional Education meetings.
  • Exceptional Education meetings can be held virtually.  
  • Review integrated services classrooms and setup to ensure spacing is appropriate for maximum social distancing and provide for appropriate service delivery.
  • Depending on the size of the group, Ex. Ed. teachers will either push in or pull out student groups (maintaining seating chart)
Field Trips 
  • Division Wide trips do not need approval
  • School Field Trips, complete transition form to outdoor venues in Quarter 1
  • We will have signs posted around campus
    • Sign: JJ in a mask holding a sign about proper mask wearing 
    • Sign: Wear your mask and stay 3 feet apart
  • No outside visitors for lunch or visitors bringing meals to the office for lunch. 
  • As soon as each student finishes lunch, he or she needs to put his/her mask back on.
  • Students and staff will wear masks at all times whether indoors at all times (except lunch).
  • Students may wear a lanyard to hold  their masks when not in use.
  • Masks will cover the nose and mouth
  • Extra masks will be available upon student arrival as the student gets off the bus or out of their car.
  • Students will remain 6 feet apart when their mask is removed.
  • When eating or drinking, masks may be removed momentarily.  Students must remain 6 feet apart when masks are removed.
Materials for Learning
  • Students will use hand sanitizer prior to and after using shared materials.
  • Individual book boxes or bags will be used.  Each student will have their own and not share with others. 
  • Students will use only their own laptop, iPad.

  • Action Team, Leadership, VCSIP, Committee, Professional Development, and Staff, Team/Grade Level Meetings will be held in person unless otherwise noted
  • Staff will wear a mask and maintain 3 feet social distance
  • Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after recess.
  • Assigned Zones for each zone will be provided.  
  • Students may not play games that require them to touch/tag one another; encourage games and play that have students spread out.
  • Students in the same class can share recess equipment.
  • Students may take their masks off and hang them on their lanyard during recess.  Students must be six feet apart since this is a mask break.  If this isn’t possible, students need to wear masks.
  • Unstructured recess activities may include activities outside or inside the classroom.

  • PE teachers will maintain 3-6 feet social distance with masks on for indoor PE. Mask are not required for outdoor PE, however students must maintain 3-6 feet of social distancing through class.   
  • Library 
    • Books should be handled only by the student and staff.
    • All materials returned to the library will be held for 24 hours to avoid spread of germs.
    • Students will be able to choose books/types of books through checkout procedures provided by school library staff.
    • Students and staff sanitize hands before and after library visit.
  • Common supplies will be cleaned between classes by the LAMP teachers.  (Cleaning supplies will be provided to these teachers.)

  • If a student uses the promethean board pen or a promethean board, the teacher will wipe it down after use
Volunteers and Visitors 
  • We will only be outdoors on campus.  They will follow the same procedures of filling out Volunteer forms before volunteering or chaperoning a field trip.
  • Visitors are encouraged to make an appointment.
  • Visitors will need to wear mask and continue to practice social distancing.  
Water Fountains
  • Students may drink water throughout the day by removing their mask anytime they need to take a sip of water and replacing their mask immediately after.